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That day, I fell to
« : 11 Сентябрь 2019, 04:16:51 »
That day, I fell to the ground again, my eyes oozing blood, and the heart-like pain made me burst into tears. Looking at the mediocre and ugly self in the opposite mirror, thinking of my own failure to learn ballet, I feel inferior to find a place to sneak into it. Why is it so difficult to move forward on the road of learning to dance? Why is it beautiful like the flowers on the other side Marlboro Red, letting bloom Newport Cigarettes, and I can only stand on this shore, but I can't hope that because of my ugly appearance, I can't lift my head from the first grade of primary school, and I have always been a person in my seat. Finally, the kind teacher of the class saw the clue of my inferiority. She suggested that I come to learn ballet, saying that ballet can make me become confident. The beautiful class teacher saw me fall, walked up to me, helped me up, encouraged: "Trust yourself, you must do it!" From the teacher's eyes I found confidence. On the road of learning to dance, I will continue to be brave with confidence. When I put on the dance shoes and picked up a long hair and smiled at the people in the large mirror, my confidence seemed to come quietly to me. I raised my eyebrows, looked back, smiled, and the time was still a small film, and I was the protagonist of self-confidence. Looking at myself with a confident eye, I am so beautiful. The lonely river that once made me sleepy backed back, saw a bright glow on the other side. I liked the airflow of the dark room to caress my face. I jumped, didn't forget the pain of practicing the knee dislocation; I was spinning, not forgetting the panting that fell to the ground because I couldn't support it; I ran, not forgetting the red blood that oozing out of my toes when I fell... I caress I sweated and sweated, took off my tired shoes, and I was as confident as an elf. I hovered over me for a long time, so that my once inferiority was once again alive. I really saw that the river that is inferior and quiet is silent, and what will be left to me is a completely bright world. I no longer care about self-pity, no longer blame everyone, all I want is to look up, with confidence, and move on. I understand that appearance is not a constraint on me. I am ugly, but I am very beautiful because of dancing. Enhance yourself and show your own value, the inferior ugly duckling becomes a confident white swan. Floating in my flying skirt, swaying my confident eyes, I spent the long river of sorrow and inferiority, flying to the other side of the bright and glorious, I saw, the other side blossomed, bright; and with confidence to continue moving forward I am the most beautiful among the flowers Wholesale Cigarettes.
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