Автор Тема: The moonlight slanted  (Прочитано 12 раз)

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The moonlight slanted
« : 11 Сентябрь 2019, 04:16:40 »
The moonlight slanted in front of the bed, and the night was silent. I was lying in bed, thinking of the failure of the thorough test, and I was disheartened. I want to say to my mother who is accompanying me: "Mom, I am not the material for studying. I don't want to go to school tomorrow, I want to go to work." But looking at her busy figure, I stopped talking again and again. My mother finally packed up my baggage and sat down beside me. A mosquito flew in and landed on the mother's left arm, squatting. The mother clearly discovered it, but she waited until the mosquito sucked enough blood to fight. I wondered, "Mom, did you see the mosquitoes not playing?" "When it is full, it will not fly, and it will definitely be won." The mother said with a smile, "It will not be repeated." I am going to marry you!" I looked at the mosquitoes and the red bloodstains that were killed on the mother's left arm, and suddenly silent. Although I did not tell my mother about my thoughts, my mother seemed to be aware of it. She tempted to ask me: "The moon is very good tonight, you get up, mom will accompany you to see the moon?" I smiled and shook my head, the pain of failure filled my heart, where do I have any thoughts to see what When the moon didn't know when, the mother actually put a basin of clear water into the house. She would fill the basin with water in front of my bed and smiled and said: "The moon tonight is bright and round, look, how beautiful!" I saw that the moonlight spread out the transparent wings and jumped into the basin. The round moon walked in the water with the ripples in the basin. It was like a traveler who was struggling to look at the moon. I seemed to see the future. Yourself. The mother stood quietly and looked at me, her eyes full of love and hope. In fact, the mother and the child are connected to the heart, she has already had an insight into everything, just taking care of my mood, not clarifying. The heart, illuminated by the moonlight-like motherly love, I saw the direction of the forward Online Cigarettes. I fell in the mother's ear and whispered: "Mom, I will go to school tomorrow morning and repeat the next day Marlboro Cigarettes. My mother sent me to the station Carton Of Cigarettes. There are a lot of people at the station. I got into the car. My mother followed the bag and suddenly "žThe sound of the bag was broken, the bag fell on the ground, and many things such as clothes and fruits were scattered. The mother picked up things in a panic and repackaged it, but she soon found the rope short. Mother After hesitating, he actually untied his belt, took the rope, bent down and tied the bag, then blushing, carrying a pair of trousers, stuffing the bag with one hand, when I took the bag, early I have already burst into tears. I suddenly understand that this bag is full of maternal love. I am carrying this deep maternal love and continuing on the road of studying. In tears, I seem to see it again. The red blood on the mother's left arm, the moon car struggling in the basin started, the mother was waving to me desperately, her figure was getting more and more blurred, but the maternal love was more distinct in my heart, motivating the  move on.
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